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Gutter Cleaning – A Pesky Necessity

One of the most important functions of our building components is to manage watershed. Our climate is unique as we have water in extreme forms as well as foliage which will impact how water travels from roof to ground. Our goal is to get the water from roof to storm drains as efficiently as possible.

When leaves and debris are left on a roof, gutter and downspout drains, it can cause several problems.

  • Ice dams can build up more frequently along a roofline full of debris.

  • If gutters are full of debris, water can build up to a point where it travels behind the fascia and into the soffit area.

  • Clogged downspouts can divert water behind siding and into a wall cavity.

  • Rot and mold can grow to the point where a lengthy and costly repair is necessary.

Frequently, these are not glaring issues until the problem is severe.

Cleaning should include removal of roof debris and confirm that downspouts are cleared. All components need to function in harmony for the most efficient system.

Cleaning frequency will depend greatly on the tree growth and the unique situation in a given community.

Debris can be left at the ground level spread out amongst leaves or tree bedding. According to arborists, this naturally helps the soils by adding the organic matter.

Another great option is to recycle debris at composting locations.

According to industry studies, foot traffic causes 15% of overall wear to asphalt shingles. Keep in mind that cleaning crews may want to walk the roof edge for cleaning but that it has the potential to damage the shingles. Extra care should be taken to not clean on hot sunny days where shingle scarring is more likely to occur.

During future reroofing projects, the entire watershed should be analyzed and adjusted for maximum performance of the system. Larger gutters and downspouts will clog less. Screen covers are an upgrade option to consider as well. However, screens will also change the volume capacity of the system. Screens also require debris removal.

We welcome opportunities to analyze your watershed system and apply building science to ensure proper attention is made to all components.

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