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Maintaining Vinyl Siding: Sealants and Maximizing Life Expectancy

There is a reason why homeowners continue to prefer vinyl siding: Compared to other home exterior materials like wood, fiber cement, stucco, or even brick, nothing else delivers the complete and lasting benefits that vinyl siding does. It is durable, impact resistant, and is virtually maintenance-free.

However, as with any other siding material, it does need caulking to seal out air and water.

Common areas that need caulking on vinyl siding include:

  • cracks around the windows

  • doors

  • vents

  • utilities

  • any other areas where the siding has an opening

We recommend using an OSI Quad Caulking or equivalent product, which can be clear or color matched to the siding, depending on customer preference. OSI Quad Caulking is water and weather resistant and remains flexible to withstand movement due to heat and other outdoor conditions. This is extremely important in Minnesota where our weather tends to fluctuate drastically between seasons.

Minimal maintenance on vinyl siding does more than save time, it saves money!

Ensuring caulking is in good condition is a great way to keep your vinyl siding low-maintenance, long-term. It creates a strong, sealed barrier that’ll keep the siding air and watertight to prevent mold and rotting. If caulking is showing air bubbles, has holes, has detached itself from the siding, or the if beading has been broken, now is a great time to get an inspection and re-caulk!

Vinyl siding is marketed as a limited lifetimes product – although it will never wear out entirely, it will begin to fade, get brittle, and need replacing. Some ways to improve the longevity of vinyl siding include:

  • Semi-annually pressure washing with mild soap and water

  • Replacing damaged pieces to prevent moisture getting trapped behind the siding

  • Replacing damaged or disintegrating caulking

Call us to schedule a free vinyl siding inspection!

- Parkway

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