Specializing in Preventative Maintenance

& Exterior Restoration

After flying Your Property...

Based on Property's Unique Situation, PCC will Propose a Two-Part Course of Action

1 First, repair immediate issues we observed in assessment. We often-times find unnoticed problems because it is so difficult to put human eyes on everything.

2 Secondly, we will suggest preventative maintenance required to maximize the lifespan of the product. Amazingly, conditions vary from building to building on the same materials that were installed at the same time. As expert tradesmen, we can provide insight regarding the building science as to why the materials are in a given condition.

Long term planning is key and where we hope to be here for you in years to come. There are so many variables from building or product condition and weather, to reserves planning, financial responsibility and others. With Parkway, you have a dedicated team of experts onboard to help navigate the challenge and give you control for the best course of action for long term health of the property.


Executing for Best Return

Fixing the Roof

Make It Whole

We will do the work to keep up the building health.


Annually, we will fly the drone and continue to review any change. Part of our plan is regular checkups. Similar to us in our own health, it is important to regularly seek an expert to understand how things are going.


It is critical on an older building. However, this is equally important on newer ones properties where an unexpected event could happen. This could be a manufacturing defect, installation issue or a weather related problem.

The earlier these are addressed the better it will be for the health of the property

When "IT" Happens

We sometimes catch issues that are storm related that were unknown by Property Managers or their residents.


We track storms and when one happens on your property, we fly for free to see if immediate action is recommended.


Our technology and information are useful in the claims process. Our experts will make this process as simple and seamless as possible.


Best Return on Capital Investment

When it is time to design and rebuild, we work diligently through this process to best manage the finances.

Also, we can provide design options, including 3D renderings of before and after.


Our hope is that the community is not only retaining as much capital in their pockets, but beautifying their homes and increasing market value.


Our goal is to ensure responsible stewardship of the property so that current ownership minimizes risk, gains real estate value and that it becomes an attractive investment to future owners