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 The State of Minnesota recently enacted law that requires homeowners associations to have written preventative maintenance plans in place.


The first step in this process is assessment. How does one take the time to adequately inspect multiple buildings and come up with a true understanding of product lifespan and cost of repair or replacement?


For property managers and association boards, it is time consuming, dangerous, and is open to human error. Parkway Custom Construction makes it easy.

We fly an elite drone that takes thousands of high-resolution photos. We run these photos through a unique software, that then shows specific anomalies in the building system. It also takes into account building elevation, regional weather implications, and precise measurements.

The Artificial Intelligence is unbiased and consistent across all buildings on the property. It eliminates human error in missing something, which potentially, if not mitigated, could result in a critical system failure. Our field experts then conduct a review of the AI and provide additional analysis.


The result is a thorough report which we call a Property Condition Assessment.

PCC Sample PCA.png

After flying your property using our drone technology, PCC will review the thousands of images taken of your property, assess the condition of the biggest and smallest details of your structures, and build a personalized report, called a Property Condition Assessment. This Assessment will include current roofing conditions, actual age of roof, remaining lifespan, and images of specific details.

Curious what a Property Condition Assessment Report all entails?


Download our sample report and take a look.


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